Use Your Knowledge of English: 

If the sun is 93,000,000 miles from the Earth, how many kilometers is the distance? (Given: One mile equals 1.61 kilometers.)

_???__kilometers = 93,000,000 miles

1. From the Problem write down all the Equivalent Relationships given or Unit Factors.    For example:
2. Beware of our Tricks!

  • We stick extra information in the form of numbers and equivalent relationship you will not need to solve the problem

    No Tricks in this problem!

    3. Formulate a road map which connects the unit of the given to the unit of the answer by equivalent relationships.

    This a simple one step problem. Miles connects directly to kilometers with the application of one unit factor that is given.

    The Solution:

    Setup and solve the dimensional analysis sequence:

      ??? km = 93,000,000 miles X 1.61 km = 1.50 x 108 km  

    1 1 1 mile 1