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Module 1:
Interactive Matter Chart
Filled Matter Chart
Empty Matter Chart
Corwin Matter Chart

New 54 Element Quiz
Mod 1 Online Voc Hmwk

Change of State Animation

Module 2:
Significant Digits Animation

Metric Prefix Table
Metric System Animation

Unit Analysis Animation

OnLine Unit Analysis Calculator

New Unit Analysis Web Site
Under Construction

Temperature Scales
Temperature Calc. with Merlin

Module 3:
e-1 conf (Online)
Download Neuron 2004
e-1 Config Sequence Demo
(neuron 2004)

e-1 Configuration
(neuron 2004)

Mod 3 Online Voc HmWk

Atomic Orbitals Movie
(Large Download)

Chapter 5 Movies
e1-Configuration Intro
Rutherford Experiment
Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
Multiple Proportions Law

Chap 5 Animations (Shockwave)
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Electron Configurations
Atomic Notation

Chapter 6 Movies
Ionization Energy
Periodic Properties
Periodic Trends: Atomic Radii
Periodic Trends: Ionization Energies
Flame tests Alkali Metals

Chapter 6 Flash
Predicting Ionic Charges
Interactive Periodic Table

Dot Structures Atoms

Chapter 6/12 Shockwave
Electron Dot Atoms
Electron Dot Atoms II

Module 4:
Sample Module 4 Exam

B: Dot Structure of Molecules
C: Binary Molecular Cpd Hmwk
D: Binary Ionic Cpd Hmwk
F: Ternary Ionic Cpd Hmwk
G: Binary/Ternary Acid Hmwk
H: Inorganic Cpd Hmwk
M: Multiple Choice Practice

Chapter 12 Movies:
Online Dot Structures

NaCl Crystal Structure
Diamond Structure
Graphite Structure
Gain & Loss of e1-
H2 Bond Formation
Dissolution of NaCl

Periodic Trends in Electronegativity
Electronegativity & Bonds
Electron Dot Structures

Chapter 7 Interactive
Ionic Compound Activity
Naming Ionic Compounds

Module 4 Part II:

Molecular Polarity Demo
H2O: Bent Structure
CO2: Linear Structure
NO21-: t-Bent Structure
CH4: Tetrahedronal Structure
BF3: Trigonal Planer
NH3: Trigonal Pyramidal

Student Success:
Active Learning
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Home Page

CHM 1020
Chemistry for Liberal Arts
Home Page Peridic Table Profession Periodic Table
Chemicool Periodic Table   Ultimate Periodic Table Menu   
Visual Periodic Table

Module 3:

O, H, S, e-1 atoms
P, N, Cl, e-1 atoms
-ide Ion Formulas

ToolBook Interactive PolyIons

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Download Neuron 2004

Chlorate Demonstration
Sulfate Demonstration
Phosphate Demonstration
Carbonate Demonstration

Search Google for:

Module 4: Dot Structures:

Polyatomic Ion Study Guide

phosphate ion
sulfate ion

perchlorate ion
chlorate ion
chlorite ion
hypochlorite ion

-ate Ion Names
-ate Ions ???
-ate Ion Formulas
-ite Ion Formulas

Polyatomic Ions

VSEPR Movie1 Video)

Periodic Table Movie

Polarity Movie (Streaming Video)

Module 4: Drag and Drop Molecules and PolyAtomic Ions

Drag and Drop Main Menu

HC2H3O2 Drag and Drop Acetic Acid (IE Explorer)   Answer
H2C2O4    Drag and Drop Oxalic Acid (IE Explorer)   Answer

CO32-    Drag and Drop Carbonate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer
NO31-    Drag and Drop Nitrate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer
PO43-    Drag and Drop Phosphate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer
SO42-    Drag and Drop Sulfate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer
ClO31-    Drag and Drop Chlorate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer

Drag and Drop Main Menu

Module 5: Chapter 8 (Chemical Reactions)

Balancing Equations Rules && Suggestions

Balancing Chemical Equations Corwin Interactive Shockwave Program

Reading a Chemical Reaction Flash Demo

A Balanced Chemical Equation Flash Demo

Double Replacement Reactions Flash Demo

Chapter 8 Movies (Chemical Reactions):
Flame Tests for Alkali Metals Corwin Demo Movie
Combination Demo: Reactions with Oxygen Corwin .mov Movie
Combination Demo: Formation of NaCl Corwin .mov Movie
Decomposition Demo: Decomposition of HgO Corwin .mov Movie
Single Replacement Demo: Formation of Ag Crystals Corwin .mov
(Activity Series)
Single Replacement Demo: Reaction of Zn with SnCl2 Corwin .mov
(Activity Series)
Single Replacement Demo: Sodium and Potassium in Water
(Active Metals)
Double Replacement Demo: Precipitation Reactions Corwin .mov Movie

Module 5: Chapter 9 and 10 (Mole Concept and Stoichiometry)

Stoichiometry Basics Main Menu

Mole Concept Map Images
Mass-Mass Concept Map Images
Volume-Volume Concept Map with Links

Interactive OnLine ChemiCalc % Composition and Balance Equations

Interactive Mole-Mole and Mass-Mass Stoichiometry Tutorial (requires Flash Player)

Interactive Limiting Reactant Tutorial
Limiting Reactant file

Interactive Volume Stoichiometry

Chapter 10 Movies (Stiochiometry):
Electrolysis of Water Movie .mov file
Auto Air Bag file
Air Bag Movie with file

JCE Review of ChemiCalc

Module 6: Chapter 11

Boyle's Law Movie: Pressure Volume Relationships
Vapor Pressure Change with Temperature Movie
Graham's Law of Diffusion Animation
Combined Gas Law Shockwave Demonstration
Ideal Gas LawShockwave Demonstration
Gas laws DemoFlash .exe
Charles Laws DemoStreaming Real Video Plug-in Required

Module 7: Chapter 13

Phase Diagram Movie (Streaming Real Video Player Required)

Module 8: Chapter 14 Solutions

Henry's Law movie
Dissolution NaCl in Water movie
Solution Formation by Dilution movie
Polarity Interaction Shockwave
Units of Concentration flash

Chapter 15: Acids and Bases

Introduction to Aqueous Acids movie
Introduction to Aqueous Bases movie
Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes movie
Acid-Base Titration movie
Natural Indicators movie
Sodium and Potassium in Water movie
Strong and Weak Electrolytes movie
Ionic Solubility Shockwave
Acid Base Titration Shockwave
PH of solutions Shockwave
Acid-Base Titration flash
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