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INSTRUCTIONS: You will be asked to spell 47 vocabulary terms from Chapter 5 & 6 of Corwin's chemistry textbook for Module Three. First, Enter your name and student E-Mail address above. Then press the 'Start Quiz' button to begin. The definition of the word(s) will appear in the Question Box below just as described in the Key terms section on Pages 135 and 162 of the 5th edition or refer to the Glossary beginning on page 629.
   When you have completed the 47 items press the Submit Button at the bottom of the page.

Models of the Atom History

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Dalton's Atomic Model of Methane
Question: Give the word or words that best fit the description:

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Periodic Table from Silberberg Text

Some Graphic Images courtesey of Prentice Hall Publisher's Corwin Chemistry text: