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Make Your Own Temperature Scale

1. Enter your body weight (default 142)(or desired body weight) as the boiling point of water on your temperature scale.

2. Then add you age (or desired age)(default 22) as the freezing point of water. (Body weight must be greater than age).

3. Enter any temperature in any of the above temperature text fields (pink: oC, oF, or oS), which may include whole or rational numbers, positive or negative numbers (However, if a rational number is enter for a temparature, the other two corresponding temperatures will be rounded off to the nearest whole number), then click outside the textbox or click in one of the other text boxes to trigger the other corresponding temperatures to be calculated: (Please note that entry of any other characters from the keyboard will not be accepted).

4. After you have generated several oS data points, click the 'Graph Points' button to replace this data generator with a Java Applet to graph the data generated. You may have to reset the graph as it ranges from 10 to -10 as a default. Click on the 'bounds' button. Plot two points:

  1. substitute a temperature on one scale as the xocoordinate and the corresponding temperature on another scale as the yocoordinate.

  2. select another pair of equivalent temperatures and plot as x1 and y1 coordinates

  3. c. from the graph, determine the formula for the conversion of
    oF to oS
    oC to oS


1. Look at the following formulas to make conversions between Fahrenheir and Celsius:

Explain the fraction in the formula?

2. An alternate formula to make conversions between Fahrenheit and Celsius is:

Why does this formula work? What is the purpose of 40 in two places in each formula?

3. Below is a general formula for temperature conversions:
Using the general formula, What number is left out of the formulas in #1?

4. Some science books have the following formulas for the conversions: